All She Wants For Christmas…

Dear Husband,

Thank you so much for the plain, white butter dish and the amazing tube socks you got me last year for Christmas. While they both have come in handy I can’t help getting this twinge of severe annoyance anytime I see either of them.  Like the socks are saying, “He has no idea who you are” and the white butter dish is whispering, “I’m out of butter again and it’s HIS fault. Kill him in his sleep.”

We here at Mommy Dearest Inc. are fully aware that it is the thought that counts and maybe sometimes, thinking so much can overwhelm the most thoughtful of people. There are also cases when people wait until the last minute and then end up giving you a cappuccino set and an espresso set on the same holiday and you don’t even drink coffee but I digress.

This year we are here to help! Kelly, Susan and Theresa have compiled some of their favorite gifts and put them into a tidy little list so all you have to do is click away and whammy, presto, voila – cool shit for The Holidays.

  1.  Rings by KPS Object
Rings by KPS Objects

These rings are so freaking cool and so unique, you’ll get stopped constantly to be complimented on them.  We know, Susan Dearest has one and it’s a real conversation piece! You can buy them here here – They also sell amazing bags and clothes so, you’re welcome.

2. Cypress + Snow Wraps.

Cypress and Snow Wrap
Cypress + Snow Wrap

These 100% Merino Wool Wraps are the cat’s pajamas. Literally, you could cut it up to make tiny pajamas for your cats but that would be a sin because these babies are not only soft and warm, they are gorgeously hand-dyed. You can buy them here –

3. Baby and Me Crowns by Babableu


I know, I know, sometimes playing can be a real bitch but with these adorable matching Mommy and Me crowns, how could you resist? The site has a bunch of amazing things for playing dress up for boys and girls. You can buy them here –

4. Chanel Le Lift Serum


Ohhh, this is like slathering lush, crushed pearls on your face every night after you wash the old mug. I go to bed feeling like Sophia Loren and wake up looking so rejuvenated, you can’t even notice that I had a bottle of wine the night before. You can buy it here –

5. La Crema, Pinto Noir, Sonoma Coast

Yummy Wine
Yummy Wine

Not everything you get her has to be elaborate and fancy. Most women love wine so shove a couple of these delicious treats into the old Christmas Stocking. She’s been a good girl, after all. You can buy it here –

6.  LA PURE Luxury 24k Gold Eye Masks

LA Pure 24K Gold Eye Masks










Every girl likes to feel special and ya know what really does the trick? Putting patches of gold under her eyes. It brightens up our skin and makes us feel pretty and who doesn’t want that?  You can buy them here –

7.  Tiger Maple Platter and Bowl from Artifaqt

Hand-crafted platter and bowl.
Hand-crafted platter and bowl.

Do you have a classy lady who loves to entertain and always presents her snacks with finesse? Well then do we have the piece for her! This gorgeous platter and bowl from Artifaqt will make any entertainer swoon. You can buy it here –

8.  Aviator Nation Unisex Hoodies

Aviator Nation Hoodie

Most women like to steal clothes from their man, it’s a part of our animal instinct but this time boys, you can swipe this awesomely cool hoodie from your woman because Aviator Nation sells unisex hoodies and they are sooo cool!  You can buy them here –            

9.  Papercuterie Handmade Wall Art

Black and white woodland silhouette letter S.












Sometimes Daddy comes home with something adorable for the nursery or kid’s room and sometimes he comes home with things that might not “be quite our style”. Have him special order one of these beautiful custom wall-hangs. you can buy them here –

There you have it, gents! You don’t even have to go anywhere to buy this stuff! you can just click, click, click away! We promise you, she’s not going to want to murder you in your sleep this holiday season and isn’t that what it’s all about?

Happy Holidays,

Kelly, Susan and Theresa

Mommy Dearest Inc.


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