Saving the World – One Green Bean at a Time

Hello Dearests!

Sanctimama here to bestow upon you a pearl of wisdom that will enrich your life, save our planet, and give you hope that you can make a difference. As the environmentally conscious mama that you are, I am sure you have asked yourself if it’s worth making your own baby food. I am here to say, of course it is. I have read all of the reviews on Williams Sonoma about their baby food making machines and have come to the conclusion that if you care, even one iota about your child’s health and the world at large, then you will understand the benefits of this gift that you will be giving them, the gift of life. By making their meals by hand, you are showing how invested you are in an eternity of success for your little one, life-long eating habits and equally as important, not endorsing these big corporate monsters who are jamming their steroid-infused, alien monster “foods” down the throats of our sweet and innocent babies. Have you seen these four year olds with double d’s? I cannot support the child brassiere industry.

First, did you know that jarred baby food could sit on the shelves for decades before it expires? DECADES! Dearests, you may as well spoon-feed your child Alpo if you are going to allow those genetically enhanced pureed green beans to enter into their pristine systems. I can’t even walk down the baby food aisle without having a breakdown for the little ones being forced to eat this poison. I take one look at those little “beef sticks” marinating in a brine of salty, pesticide juice and it sends chills down my spine and fills my heart with a profound sadness. Secondly, the manufacturing of these jars and pouches of food is killing our mother earth as quickly as Raid kills a cockroach. Do you want your little one ingesting RAID? I didn’t think so.

The best and only advice I can give you is to grow your own organic produce for your baby food. Trusting a store that says something is “organic” is putting your health in jeopardy. Never assume something is organic, even if the label it says it is. The only way to know for sure is to grow it yourself. Also, foraging is an excellent way to get those beautiful, rare items that can’t always be found at your local organic co-op. Don’t get hung up on the amount of time these foraging trips may take – try to think of them as magical adventures into nature with your children and if that doesn’t work, try remembering that this will be the perfect opportunity to wear those Hunter boots and to use that hand woven basket you bought in Micronesia while you were there saving the lives of the endangered Miniature Unicorn Beetle. When you say that you don’t have time for foraging it is really just another way of saying that you don’t love your child. Bringing your child into nature to find these incredible foods will bring you closer together – allow nature to be your classroom. I can assure you, once you get into the swing of the growing, harvesting, and foraging, it becomes second nature and the hours just fly right by. Another benefit of foraging is that using unique and rare items will only broaden your little ones palate. We all want to have children who grow into eaters who can decipher a crimini mushroom from a porcini mushroom and not just know the difference between a Twinkie and a Ring Ding.

Let me tell you that I have felt nothing but bliss and an indescribable inner peace since embarking on this culinary adventure. My little one is taller than all of those little Gerber babies and I can assure you that she is also much smarter and can do more somersaults than those little runts could ever dream of doing. I owe all of this to my Organic Farrow and Winter Squash medley and to our family’s superior genetics. The hours I spend creating these delicacies are worth every second. My babe knows that her food is made with love and a food pouch says, “I just don’t give a fuck”.

So grab your hand-woven basket and your “Eclectic Guide to Foraging in Abundance”, written by yours truly and get up into your neighbors fruit trees and get picking.




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2 thoughts on “Saving the World – One Green Bean at a Time”

  1. i totally agree, organic is the way to go. i myself grew hot dogs in my garden and proudly served them up to my children for dinner almost every night of the week! of course a side of home grown tater tots washed down with koolaid completed my well thought out menu. nothing is better than being able to till your own garden and feed your family from your harvest. bravo to all of you dearest moms for foregoing that manicure and digging your hands into manure for the sake of your young charges healthy future.

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